I just want to let you all know that the dog we adopted from you in 2009 passed away last week. Known originally as Precious, we adopted her from A Forever Home in 2009 and renamed her Penny (Penelope Louise.) She was my first dog ever and a true member of our family. She was 15 when she passed and she will be greatly missed. Penny moved with us from VA to TX in 2011, where we have lived ever since. A few years later, we adopted her “sister,” a Dachshund named Trixie and they were best friends for years. Trixie is missing Penny. Penny grew up with my sons – they hardly remember life without her. They’re college sophomores now. I just want to say a huge thank you for giving Penny a chance!!! Her paperwork said she was picked up in the Jacksonville, FL area and taken to A Forever Home for adoption. You guys even fixed up her broken leg before we adopted her, so thank you so much for having faith in her. Our family is sad today, but grateful you found Penny so she could live forever with our family and now forever in our hearts.