Our beloved Oreo passed away in October 2021. While our hearts are broken at the loss of our unique, sweet, smart, and beautiful girl, we are thankful to AFH for bringing her to us as the cutest, brightest puppy in May 2006. We were totally enamored with her from the first – her alert eyes and ears, white-tipped feet and one white hair on the tip of her tail – and for our golden retriever too, even as she took over his dog bed, toys, and spot on the couch. Our ten year-old son giddily took her on walks around the block, starting a lifetime tradition of running home for the last few houses. Oreo was special in the incredible love and devotion she demonstrated for us and the few people she considered “hers.” She was always within sight, often within reach; she loved nothing better than just being with us. And we loved being with her and our memories keep her close in our hearts.