We adopted Caroline (kept her original name) from AFH in February 2012 when she was 10 weeks old.  Our daughter Tara (7 at that time) picked her out of the litter and just fell in love.  Caroline quickly had us all wrapped around her paw and quickly became the ruler of the house.  Shortly after we adopted her our daughter became ill, for which we later found out she had brain cancer.  Caroline knew that Tara needed her and would be right there with her when she wasn’t feeling well.  She let Tara use her as her pillow and stayed by her side throughout it all.  We later added another dog to our family and Caroline quickly took over the mother role and showed Annie the ropes on how to do things.  Shortly before Caroline turned 10 (11/20/2011)  her back hips gave out and she was no longer able to move on her own.  So with heavy hearts we had to let her cross the rainbow bridge on 11/22/2021.  We miss her so very much but know she is no longer in pain.  Thank you to AFH for bringing Caroline into our family.