I just made a donation in memory of our sweet Tinkerbell. That is her on the right. Pete, her brother dachshund, is still with us. Both came from A Forever Home Rescue.  She basically taught Pete how to be a dog. When we adopted her, she had been a stray in West Va and was going through a “false pregnancy”. She would get two of my son’s doggie stuffed animals and try to nest with them.  So cute, but sad in a way. Two years later, we then got Pete to give her some company.  He was rescued from the 2,000+ puppy mill In West Va. (national news) He had been in a crate for 1.5 years with his two brothers…neglected and ignored.  They would throw food in to eat off the floor. He was a bit of a social, doggie mess. He would cower from a touch and not even “sniff” when we went on walks. But Tink helped him be a dog and the love we All shared helped him grow into the loving (albeit still quirky) dog we love so much. We miss Tink terribly.