Thought I would reach out and give you a little update on Ozzie.  We adopted him via your organization back in February 2019.  Our Ozzieboy, on the right in the photo, is a wonderful addition to our family. He is such a happy little dog that loves his sister Lucy, on the left in the photo. He is also very attached to both Tibby and I and loves being held as much as possible. He is such a baby, which I love and truly a family dog. When we got him, he was such a little thing and he was only partially trained.  Within a month or two, his appetite picked up and was fully housebroken. We camp a lot and even though he still does not like riding that much, he loves it when we get to our campground site. (Lucy and Ozzie are great camping dogs).  We go to the groomers about every three months for a bath and good hair trimming and he does great with our groomer.  He does well with his routine visits to the vet, (healthy pup visits), and taking his heartworm and Flea/tick medicine.  My vet says he is in great shape.  All in all, I feel that Ozzie is happy and thriving wonderfully in his new forever home.  I can’t thank you enough for helping him find his way to us. He has made our family complete.