Over the years we’ve been blessed by family dogs: Carmen, Audrey (A Forever Home), Kingston and Lila (A Forever Home). While losing a pet is emotionally devastating, finding the right pet can be tremendously uplifting! After Audrey died, we realized Kingston sorely missed and needed a companion, so our daughter began searching for a puppy. We turned to A Forever Home, as it offered a reliable network of families fostering puppies. Upon identifying possible mates, we rode with Kingston to meet them. What better place than a spacious, fenced backyard for Lila and Kingston to get acquainted! Lila was fostered by a family whose friendly, male pup helped her adapt to living inside and out. Our dogs played together for over an hour. Lila won Kingston’s heart and ours too. Today Lila leads our pack (as Kingston is gone) and brings joy and unconditional love to us all.