Ella and Maddy

Ella and Maddy, GS Troop 5433, recently did their Girl Scout Silver award project to make people aware of homeless animals and how rescue helps them. They chose AFH to be the beneficiary of their work as Ella’s family adopted from our rescue and they have also volunteered with our rescue. (We were especially grateful for their help on what turned out to be a very very busy and hectic event this Saturday. They were life savers!) As part of their work, they advocated for adopting and not buying and for supporting local rescues. They conducted educational presentations with younger scouts about how animals can become homeless, how rescues find them homes, and the importance of proper identification/microchips for pets. They had the scouts make fleece blankets for our doggies and raised money for AFH by doing bake sales and chores! They also used these bake sales as a way to educate the larger public about the importance of adoption and rescue work. We are very grateful for their generous donations and help!