…She is a member of the family now and getting settled in nicely.  We have noticed in a short time that she is growing vertically, as evident while trying to get under the front screen door; week one easy, week three not so much…We have a one step stool in the kitchen that she has taught herself to climb up on and sit like a lion in a circus.  She also uses it as a perch to pounce on her toys…She is still a snuggler and loves tummy rubs, when she isn’t all excited and ready to play.  We finally saw a posting of May on Facebook so got a chance to see March’s Mom.  Now when March gets all excited Christine says March is being “all Pitty.”  We have a good laugh about it as we reach for the closet toy to help distract those puppy teeth away from our fingers and toes.  We have a big week coming up, we start some one-on-one puppy training… I have attached a few more…of a bigger March.  We call her a cat-dog now, as she likes to perch on the couch to look out the window.  She has also been kayaking and the B+W photo is from a beach house in Wilmington, NC this past Christmas.  She is about 45lbs now but still loves to be picked up and held.