Boots Story

Sweet, mellow Boots became homeless when her family found out they were having a baby. They decided that she was just too big to have around, so they left her at the shelter. This poor girl was in a bad way when she came to AFH; she had two severely unstable and painful knees, was almost entirely lame and was very overweight.

AFH immediately packed her up and drove her down to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon for a consult, and to get her some medication to help her pain. After an exam and x-rays, the surgeon found Boots had not one, but two very severely luxating patellae, or loose kneecaps, that were only made more unstable and painful by her being very overweight and deconditioned. To get her out of pain and increase her stability, Boots underwent two major surgeries, which cost AFH upwards of $7,000.

Boots kept her sweet, calm disposition through both surgeries and recoveries. After months of pain, patience, and lots of TLC from a wonderful AFH foster family and doggy foster brother, Boots found a phenomenal forever family of her own!

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