Casey’s Story

I have been a Foster for A Forever Home for over 10 years. As I have fostered more and more dogs, the large litters have become my favorite group of dogs to care for. The last litter was Poppy’s Pups. This litter of 12 beagle mix puppies created some attention I never expected.

One early Sunday morning, I was startled awake by a loud pounding at my front door. The pounding was so loud it was obvious an emergency was happening. I ran to the front door to find four Fairfax County Police officers. As soon as I said “hello” they yelled into the house, “ IS EVERYTHING OK HERE???” I wanted to say “CLEARLY NOT ” but thought it wasn’t the best time to joke around. When I said yes the officer tells me, “someone called in a report a child was crying for help from inside your home.” As he was speaking, I could hear loud cries coming from the room at the far side of my house where the 12 puppies were. I quickly said I had no small children, but I think I know the problem. I told the officers to follow me and when we went into the room the Police officers busted out laughing. One of the puppies had gotten out of the penned area which caused the rest of puppies to go crazy.

The Cops were tickled to see so many puppies and took videos and selfies. I told them all about the work AFH does and a couple of them said they would attend the next adoption event. My 12 puppies have all found their Forever Home. I am not sure if any of those Officers adopted one, but I know where they will go if they ever want to add a member to the family. I absolutely love caring for these animals and helping them find loving homes. Every litter is a new experience and an exciting adventure.

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