Great Dane mix Riley was living on a concrete porch in rural Southern Virginia. A concerned neighbor told one of our rescue partners about her. She reported that Riley had just had 14 puppies and she was concerned that the owners couldn’t care for Riley and that many puppies. That evening, Riley was hit by a car. Thankfully the owner agreed to give Riley and the pups to rescue.

Our rescue partner reached out to us. The problem was who was going to take in a big dog and 14 tiny, days old puppies? It was a no brainer! We reached out to fosters Debbie and Jeff S (who immediately agreed to take this family in) and Riley was on her way to a better life!

Riley suffered a broken femoral head and her leg slashed (the picture was too graphic to share). Now Riley will require a major surgery. Can you help by making a donation? Please use our Donate Button, or mail a check to AFH, PO Box 222801, Chantilly, VA 20153 and note that your donation is for Riley and her pups.

Update: Riley has had one surgery to close a huge wound on her leg. She now has a splint which will help her walk better on her injured leg. Her foster parents help her walk by supporting her with a sling. She will not get her final surgery until after her pups are weaned because she can not be away from them that long. Mom is being a real trooper through this terrible ordeal.

Thank you!

From left to right: Where Riley was living, with our rescue partner who saved her, at vet upon arrival, at vet after her leg was tended to, safe in her foster home.