My name is Leah B. I am in 7th grader… I did…a project for school on my passion and chose to make dog biscuits and sell them to me neighbors and friends. I chose to donate the profits to A Forever Home because. I adopted a puppy from there in September. I really love what they do. I passed out flyers about buying dog treats! I got a lot of responses and raised $285! I am planning on doing this again in the summer and hopefully opening it up to a lot more people, because I will have more time to bake and sell.

Here is picture of me and my dog I adopted from AFH!

Leah, we are so proud of you! This funds you raised will help with our mommy dog Heidi who just had a $4,000 surgery to save her and her pups during a dangerous pregnancy. Thank you for adopting one of our babies and for helping so many more!