When Jessica and Scott’s dog Rocco, an AFH alumni, had become very seriously ill, all expected him to not live past 4 years of age. His mom, Jessica, was about to turn 40 and her husband wanted to throw a big party for her. Jessica, would not hear of it until she knew that Rocco was going to be OK. Luckily it turned out that a growth found on his spleen was benign and he is now expected to live for many years to come! So Jessica had that big party. Ninety people showed up and Rocco wore his bow tie, mingling with the guests the entire evening. He was so well behaved. The guests were told “no gifts” and those that insisted were asked to bring dog toys to donate to AFH. We thank Jessica, Scott and Rocco for the donations; but more importantly, we are so glad Rocco found his forever family with such a loving family!