Did you know that there are over 800 million retired cell phones that are discarded and forgotten in drawers, desks, closets, etc. just in the United States? A Forever-Home (AFH) Rescue Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue group, has found a way to benefit from these antiquated and unwanted phones. AFH has partnered with Phones 4 Charity whose cell phone recycling program is designed to help enable charities and organizations to raise funds when monetary donations from individuals and corporations are receding.

Working with Phones 4 Charity, AFH will have collection boxes at their weekly animal adoption events for people who would like to donate their used cell phones and cell phone accessories. All brands and types of cell phones are accepted, even broken cell phones. (No cordless house phones please!)

AFH will then ship the collected cell phones to Phone 4 Charity who will pay AFH for the phones collected. Phones 4 Charity then refurbishes these phones and they will go to areas when there is an economic necessity for cell phones for both safety and communication and distribute them.

By donating old phones to the animal rescue, you are not only helping the rescue and charity, but also you are helping the environment by recycling. So, please spread the word! Ask your friends, family and co-workers if they will consider donating their used cell phones to Then, bring them to any AFH adoption event. For a list of upcoming animal adoption events go to the Events section. If you have phones or questions, but cannot attend an adoption event, please e-mail maribel@afh.ong Please make sure the cell phones have had their service deactivated before dropping them off.

For more information about Phones 4 Charity, please visit their website at: www.phones4charity.org